06/06/2013 03:31 pm ET Updated Jun 07, 2013

Joanna Coles, Cosmopolitan Editor, Says Sex Will Help You Manage A Frenetic Life

Who brings up sex at a conference about redefining success? The editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, of course.

"I actually think a good sex life helps in all this," said Joanna Coles, a former editor of Marie Claire who became the editor of Cosmo in September.

"I [can't] tell you, since going to Cosmo, how many people now talk to me about their sex lives," she said. "Most everybody I talk to would like to have more sex, or better sex."

Coles was speaking Thursday at The Huffington Post's first ever women's conference, "The Third Metric: Redefining Success Beyond Money & Power." The "all this" she mentioned is managing a frenetic life, the topic of the panel on which she spoke.

So how does sex help busy individuals cope with everything they have to do each day? "We know from the simple point of releasing oxytocin, you enjoy life more if you have a good sex life," said Coles. "You have to make time to do that, crazy as it sounds."

It's perhaps not surprising that Coles admitted to being the extrovert on a panel of introverts. Susan Cain literally wrote the book on introversion and journalist and former political adviser George Stephanopoulos is a self-described introvert as well.

Coles, however, said, "I haven't met a party that I don't want to go to."

In addition to sex, Coles said she makes other time for herself. She's a proponent of working out in the middle of the day, and when she needs a break, she indulges in an only-at-Cosmo form of stress relief: "We have a lingerie editor at the magazine," she said. "If I need a pick-me-up, I sidle over to his desk and say, 'Charles show me the latest bra.'”

But there is one thing Coles doesn't have that she feels might make her daily life that much easier.

"My work-life balance would be much better if I had this apartment," she quipped, referring to Huffington's home, the site of the conference. "That would considerably help."



The Third Metric: Redefining Success Beyond Money & Power