06/06/2013 05:28 am ET

Teenage Johnny Galecki Learned How To Make Out From Milton Berle On 'Roseanne' Set (VIDEO)

Before he blew up on "The Big Bang Theory," Johnny Galecki was a part of another of television's biggest sitcoms. He reminisced about his time on the show "Roseanne" during his visit with David Letterman on "Late Show." One of the perks of being on a hit show was all the great guest stars Galecki got to meet, like the legendary Milton Berle.

Galecki said that Berle was 89-years old when he appeared on the show, and he had some grandfatherly wisdom for the young man. Okay, perhaps "grandfatherly" isn't the right term for what he taught Galecki. He had advice on how to make out.

"He said ... you look them in the eye, and then you look them in the mouth, and then you look them in the eye and then you move in. And it kind of worked!" Galecki told Letterman. "I was nearly seduced by an 89-year-old man."

The blog "Seriously? OMG! WTF?" got a huge kick out of Galecki's revelation, as well as his hiatus beard.

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