06/06/2013 12:45 pm ET

Josh Romney Won't Rule Out Run For Office In Utah (VIDEO)

Josh Romney, son of former Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, said in a Wednesday interview with KSL that he wouldn't rule out a potential run for office in the future.

"I'm not ruling anything in or out," Romney told the Salt Lake City station. "But obviously, having spent the last couple of years on the political trail, it's hard to give all that up."

Romney continued, "I haven't made any decisions on anything like that ... I'm just really focused on my family and work right now and not looking at any particular office."

For more on Romney considering a run for office, click over to KSL News.

Romney said he is instead focusing on campaigning for Utah congressional candidate Mia Love. Love, a Republican, announced in May that she would run for Congress in 2014.

Watch Romney's interview above.



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