06/06/2013 06:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kung-Fu Squirrels Go Nuts When Fighting Each Other


You think MMA battles are tough between humans?

They're nothing compared to the no-holds barred, down-and-dirty battles between ground squirrels that were photographed by Francois Loubser in Kgalagadi, South Africa.

Loubser, 40, said the scrappers were eating melons in his camp and every now and then one of them would charge at the other.

"I saw that there was a dominant squirrel and that he wants everything, he's always chasing the other squirrels for food," Loubser said, according to the Daily Mail. "When one of the squirrels was eating it would slowly creep closer to try and steal the food and then jump on the other squirrel while it was eating.

"The squirrel eating charged at him and tried to chase him away but I think the dominant one got what he wanted in the end."

As impressive as the squirrels' martial art moves are, there is something more impressive that shows up in the photos: The enlarged testicles of the alpha squirrel.

kung fu squirrels

One person especially taken aback by the squirrel's nut sack is Drew Curtis, the creator of the popular website, which used a photo of another large-nutted squirrel as a placeholder, taken between mid-1997 and early 1999.

"I actually think this squirrel's balls are bigger, but I'm trying not to look too hard," Curtis told The Huffington Post.

Curtis is hopeful that Loubser's photos represent a paradigm shift in web culture where photos of squirrels with large testicles become "bigger" than cat videos.

"It would be great if that became a new trending thing," he said. "All the kids will be doing it."



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