06/06/2013 06:02 am ET

'Paranormal Witness' Premiere: Mother And Daughters Haunted By Demons (VIDEO)

With its graphic reenactments, "Paranormal Witness" is easily the spookiest of the supernatural reality series on the air. The Syfy hit returned for its second season with a look into the story of "The Long Island Terror."

Jeanette Meyran is a New York firefighter widow who moved to a new home to get away from the hounding press after her husband died in the line of duty. But the new house was apparently haunted by demons. Jeanette was even able to capture footage on security cameras of looming black figures stalking and attacking the family.

Further investigation revealed pentagrams all over the home. It turns out a cult used to conjure demons in the house. It was all so much that Jeanne called in paranormal investigators to banish the demons. During the ceremony, they saw the demon in a cabinet just as it burst into flames. But the cleansing was successful and Jeanette and her children continue to live in the house, now free of demons.

Newsday said that it was a good story, but they've seen scarier on the show. It didn't help, either, that Jeanette had no physical evidence to back up her claims. Perhaps future installments will impress them more. Syfy reportedly will air 20 new episodes this season, covering everything from Manson Family murder victims, werewolves, "black angels" and near-death experiences.

Come back for more scares with "Paranormal Witness," Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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