06/06/2013 12:07 pm ET

Prince Harry Flirts With Ladies Everywhere (PHOTOS)

If you couldn't tell, we are still dreaming about that time when the most beautiful male redhead in the world, Prince Harry (obviously), graced us with his glorious presence this past May. While his trip was mostly professional, we couldn't help but notice how much time he spent with a certain gender of Americans. Harry just knows how to work it with the ladies: sweeping Missy Franklin off her feet, making girls in New Jersey go into a frenzy... and don't even get us started on the insanity that occurred on Capitol Hill.

All of this got us thinking: Prince Harry may just be the biggest royal flirt out there. While other royals are a tad more serious in their interactions, Harry definitely uses his single guy status to his advantage. Whether he's kissing models like Karolina Kurkova and Fernanda Motta, dancing with women all over the world or delighting babies (and their mothers), this prince has perfected his charm.

For your viewing pleasure, we have compiled a collection of photos that illustrate just how much Prince Harry loves the ladies. We love you too, Harry. Please come back to America.

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Flirting With Prince Harry...

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