06/06/2013 02:25 pm ET

Whitey Bulger Trial: Expert Says 'This Is Whitey's Show' (VIDEO)

Two experts on the Whitey Bulger case -- Boston College Law Professor Margaret McLean and "WHITEY" author Dick Lehr -- joined Ricky Camilleri on HuffPost Live on Tuesday to discuss the infamous mobster's upcoming trial.

"This is Whitey's show. It's all about Whitey," McLean explained, referencing how Bulger put Boston Globe reporters, including HuffPost Live guest Dick Lehr, on the witness list in an effort to have them sequestered from the courtroom so that they cannot watch the trial itself.

The mob boss notoriously "hates" The Boston Globe, according to both McLean and Lehr. "He actually shot up The Boston Globe building at one point during busing," said McLean.

The 83-year-old, who is on trial for allegedly killing or arranging the murders of 19 people, once topped the FBI's fugitive list while hiding out in Santa Monica up until two years ago. With the jury selection still in process, opening statements are expected to begin June 12 at the earliest.

For more on this discussion, watch the video above.

See the full interview with Margaret McLean and Dick Lehr HERE.



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