06/06/2013 12:26 pm ET

Wu-Tang Clan's 'Family Reunion': Rap Crew Returns With New Track From Upcoming Album

Fire up the grill with another possible "song of the summer" selection, as Wu-Tang Clan is back with a new track from their upcoming album "A Better Tomorrow." The song, "Family Reunion," samples the O'Jays classic of the same name.

"A Better Tomorrow" will bow in July, marking the rap crew's 20th anniversary. It's the group's first proper album since 2007's "8 Diagrams." The release will come following a steady buildup since "Tomorrow" was first announced in January. Wu-Tang performed at Coachella in April and unveiled a previously unreleased track "from the vaults of the RZA" just last month.

In addition to new music, the gang will hit the road for a short slate of summer festival performances, including Bonnaroo and Switzerland's Openair Frauenfeld.

"If the Wu-Tang Clan ever wanna come back together –- and next year will be our 20th-year anniversary –- I'd love for it to be under my leadership and guidance, because I think I've grown so much as a man and as an artist that I would know how to drive the ship to the proper location," RZA told Rolling Stone last November. "I would love to do that again."



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