06/07/2013 02:10 pm ET

Dennis Rodman: LeBron James Would Be 'Average Player' If He Played In 80s, 90s (VIDEO)

Dennis Rodman doesn't think very highly of LeBron James.

During an interview on "The Dan Patrick Show" that aired on Friday, Rodman was asked about whether James can be compared to Michael Jordan.

"It's really not a comparison. I'm just saying. If LeBron was playing in the late 80's and the early 90's, he would be just an average player," Rodman said. "But to do what Michael has done. I mean, dude, seriously?"

Here are some other claims Rodman made:

  • He would have "no problem" guarding LeBron if he was 20-years-old playing today.
  • If Michael Jordan played today at 28-years-old, he would "average 40 points a game or probably more."
  • His Bulls teams would beat this year's Heat team and he would take Bosh "easy."

Like many of his contemporaries, Rodman believes the game was more physical during Jordan's run.

"LeBron came into the age of the game at a perfect time. Michael came into the game when, guess what, when he was in the game... back then you could hit people, you could hit people, knock'em down, take a free throw and get back up. LeBron? No, he can't do that. All they do today is bitching. Bitching about a foul. All they do is bitch," said Rodman.

Now all we need is for Rodman and Karl Malone to have a discussion about the greatest players of all time and let us listen.



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