06/07/2013 12:42 pm ET

Gucci Mane Addresses Selena Gomez Dating Rumors


Gucci Mane and Selena Gomez starred together in 2013's "Spring Breakers" and for some reason, people started thinking they were dating. Maybe it was because people assumed his ice-cream face tattoo is irresistible or maybe it's simply because everybody wanted their fan fiction to become true. Either way, everyone can agree that such a power coupling would have forced Jay-Z and Beyonce to step up their love game.

In a recent interview with Fader, Gucci finally destroyed the dream.

I don’t know why they made such a crazy cruel rumor. Cause I think she was dating Justin Bieber at the time. Really I don’t have no idea what was going on with Selena Gomez cause I only know her briefly from doing the Spring Breakers movie, and from what I know of her she’s a nice young lady. I don’t know her personally, I never dated her. I wish her the best, she’s a talented actor and a nice girl, but she and I never dated.

Gucci calls Selena a "nice girl" but this coupling seems to have been cancelled.



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