06/07/2013 12:30 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

13 Reasons To Follow Patrick Stewart On Twitter


We all know Sir Patrick Stewart as an incredibly talented Shakespearean and Star Trek-ian actor with perhaps the coolest voice on the planet and a heart of gold, but he's also on Twitter and has one of our favorite feeds out there: @SirPatStew. Without further ado, here are 13 reasons you must follow him right now.

1. He rides a horse wearing an awesome cowboy hat. 2. He poses in a toga and looks fantastic. 3. He isn't afraid to be silly. 4. He rescued a baby bird.

And sparked a conversation about what people should do when they find baby birds.

5. He eats his first ever "slice" of pizza... When the Twitterverse thinks he's never had pizza before, he clarifies. And then Brent Spiner (aka Data) weighs in. And a few days later, he's eating deep dish. 6. This. 7. He takes naps with cats. 8. Of course he knows how to operate a snow blower. 9. He buys a Christmas tree... And struggles with a tangled mass of Christmas lights... Et voila! 10. He shows us what a "Belgium Dip" is with his foamy cappuccino. Foamy nose! 11. He notices signs on the street and takes pictures of them, just like us! (Totally scary, we agree!) 12. He looks noble on a ski lift.

13. He's Sir Patrick Stewart, man. You just don't get much cooler than that.