06/07/2013 09:26 am ET Updated Jun 07, 2013

Roger Ailes Responds To Jonathan Alter Book, Admits He's 'Paranoid'

Roger Ailes was compelled to personally respond to the stories about him in Jonathan Alter's new book on Thursday, issuing a rare and lengthy statement to Politico.

Alter's book "The Center Holds: Obama And His Enemies" tells several stories about Ailes, 13 of which The Huffington Post listed on Tuesday. Among them are that Ailes has said that his associates "hate me because I'm fat," and that his boss Rupert Murdoch thinks he is "cuckoo."

The Fox News chief hit back at Alter a statement to Politico on Thursday. “Jonathan Alter got 3 out of 13 items within a range of being at least partially correct,” Ailes wrote in an email. “The rest are patently, provably false and Alter either needs to check into a first year journalism program at Columbia or a rage counseling center immediately.”

He proceeded to address each of the 13 items, denying most of them and even adding context. He said he never tried to install bombproof glass in his office and worked out a supply closet for fear that the News Corp. building was bugged.

So which of the items did he admit to being at least partially true? In response to the allegation that Murdoch has called him "cuckoo," Ailes wrote, “Murdoch occasionally says I’m paranoid, and I point out to him that if I wasn’t A LITTLE paranoid he’d have 20 percent less money." Click over to Politico for the full statement.



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