06/07/2013 07:57 pm ET

Roy Hibbert Tweets Photos Of Block Of Carmelo Anthony, Reverses NBA Poster Tradition (VIDEO)


Roy Hibbert has a work of art that every NBA center would be proud to hang in his man cave.

Inverting the NBA poster paradigm, the Pacers' pivot will likely be hanging at least one picture of himself preventing a dunk. Although Indiana was eliminated by the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals, Hibbert hasn't let the defeat (or preceding controversy) overshadow one his more impressive plays.

For decades, being "posterized" meant being dunked on but perhaps Hibbert might help broaden the meaning to include the type of indignity he visited upon Melo. Judging by his pioneering efforts in sports drink chugging, Hibbert might have the clout to pull this off.

Either way, here is Hibbert's poster-quality rejection of Anthony from the 2013 Eastern Conference Semifinals as well as a few dozen of the more memorable blocks (available on YouTube) in NBA postseason history. From Bill Russell stuffing Jerry West to Tim Duncan turning back Blake Griffin, there are enough posteraser possibilites here to open a news Costacos Brothers factory.

WATCH: Playoff "Poster" Blocks