06/07/2013 10:32 am ET

'The Sound Of Music' Remix Uses Robyn To Change Our Perspective On The Baroness (VIDEO)

Baroness Schraeder gets a bad rap in "The Sound of Music."

She's portrayed as the villain in the first half of the film -- Captain Von Trapp's rich, snobby fiancee who is standing in the way of his love for Maria and doesn't even like his horde of children. However, have you ever stopped to think about how she probably felt about being left for the younger nanny? Now one YouTube user has offered the Baroness some vindication -- in the form of a Robyn-"The Sound Of Music" remix (with a little bit of Whitney Houston). And it's pretty amazing.

The video's description, created by YouTube user diegoforlansheadband reads:

Baroness Schraeder is too often forgotten, or unfairly remembered as a villain, a wedge, the evil stepmother, the "witch" of this classic children's film. I wanted to make a music video honoring the character's complexity and Eleanor Parker's nuanced portrayal; with Robyn and Whitney giving her that heartbreaking solo that she was denied in the film.

Seeing the Baroness "Dancing On [Her] Own" gives us a whole new sympathy for the character.

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