06/09/2013 12:16 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

82-Year-Old Grandmother Rides To Raise Money For AIDS


In the spring of 1988, a son asked his sisters and mother to join him in the living room to talk. It was at that moment that Jinny Morelock’s son told his family that he was HIV-positive. He also took advantage of the moment to ask if they would participate in a walk that AIDS Project LA was having to benefit AIDS research. Jinny and her oldest daughter Tracy quickly agreed, jumped on the support train, and walked that first walk with Michael.

The following year, Jinny, Tracy, and Michael went at it again. Jinny who was frail at the time, walked the walk with her cane in hand, but was determined to finish for her son. In 1990, Michael was too sick to take on the challenge of the walk, and Jinny was recovering from an injury and was using crutches, so she too had to bypass the walk. In 1991 and ‘92, Jinny did the walk in a wheelchair and in the Spring of 1992, after the walk, Michael passed away. The mother and daughter team continued to walk and even after Tracy had her son, they walked.

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