Man Rides Scooter Through D.C. Metro Station

Why did someone ride a scooter through a D.C. Metro station this weekend?

Good question!

WJLA reports that the unusual event took place on Saturday evening at the Gallery Place station:

D.C. resident Michael Seafarer says he was waiting at the station near the Verizon Center when the man cruised across the platform.

Seafarer told ABC7 that he honked his horn and yelled for people to get out of his way before riding onto an escalator and took off from the station.

There's no word as to where the man went or who he was at all.

While we have yet to see a definitive explanation, it seems possible the scooter-rider was making a statement about long wait times for weekend trains.

So, is he trying to rub it in WMATA's face he had a better mode if transport than they have!?

He probably was still late to his destination

It must have been hilarious watching him drag that thing down a broken escalator.

Anyone with details -- or more unusual Metro experiences -- get in touch!: dc-tips@huffingtonpost.com



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