Manny Ramirez Home Run Call: Announcer Makes Strange Girlfriend Analogy (VIDEO)

By Andrew Bucholtz, Awful Announcing

Manny Ramirez's stint in Taiwan with the EDA Rhinos has given us plenty of magical moments, from his 10-foot-shy slide to his distaste for home-plate collisions to his moonwalk out of the batter's box, but he's now even inspiring craziness from his team's announcers.

In the clip above, Manny hits a perfectly normal home run and jogs around the bases, but that inspires the play-by-play announcer to switch from Mandarin into broken English and deliver one of the funniest home-run calls ever.

"This ball is long gone, just like the ex-girlfriend who will never return. Home run!"

Well, that's an interesting analogy. It's the delivery of it that's the best, though. The random fan holding up a purple helmet with Manny's #99 and what are supposed to be dreadlocks is also pretty great, especially considering that the helmet seems to have a Dallas Cowboys star on it for some reason. It's nice to know that Manny being Manny can still produce bizarre moments from everyone else.