06/10/2013 05:13 am ET

'Army Wives' Finale: Joan Retires From The Army To Move To Baltimore (VIDEO)

It was a farewell for fans as "Army Wives" had its season finale, and it was a farewell for Joan -- one of the show's last remaining original characters. After choosing to retire in support of her husband, she bid farewell to her friends.

“To old friends and new, you cannot know how much your friendship has meant to me," Joan said. "Without your love, and patience, none of this would matter.”

“Overall it was understated and without unnecessary dramatics," wrote TV Fanatic of Joan's goodbye. "There wasn't a lot more that needed to be said. I really appreciated the way the story played out because it was pure and not contrived. The heartstrings had already been tugged.”

Zap2It appreciated the touching goodbye as well, but found themselves wondering if perhaps this was a good place to close the book on "Army Wives" for good. Lifetime has yet to pick up the show for an eighth season.

"The season wrapped up on a relatively upbeat note, leaving very little plot dangling," said Zap2It. "With no real cliffhanger, is there much reason for the show to come back? Or is it time for ‘Army Wives’ to go into retirement?”

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