06/10/2013 05:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bradley Friesen's Vancouver Bachelor Pad Really Raises The Bar On Single Living (PHOTOS)

We have a feeling that the average guy doesn't usually come home to a kitchen full of stunning women -- but the ones with highly attractive bachelor pads, like Bradley Friesen, seem to have the odds stacked in their favor.

The interest in Friesen's "Yaletown Loft" started when he uploaded a photo to Reddit of beautiful models posing in his house for a photo shoot. After users saw the picture, they were more curious about his place than the ladies. So, at the online community's request, he uploaded a slideshow with over one hundred photos of his striking residence. We learned that the condo underwent a series of renovations -- much of which was completed by Friesen himself until he incurred a motorcycle injury.

This ongoing project began roughly three years ago, and Friesen admits that what started out as an innocent inquiry led to an overhaul of the entire space. Friesen says that he initially didn't plan on revamping the rooms, but his curiosity to learn what was behind the dry walls compelled him to drill small holes into them. To his surprise, he discovered several layers behind the first wall, and demolishing them yielded him sixty square feet of new space. He also pulled up the floors, installed drywalled beams into the ceiling and recycled all discarded appliances and materials by donating or giving them away.

With the help of his designer, Friesen now lives in what he calls his "dream apartment." He remarks: "getting my hands dirty (and toes broken) on the project has made it feel even more like my own. I'm really proud of what we put together and someday, I'd love the chance to do it again." Needless to say, we're huge fans of any DIY project -- and his is no exception to the rule. To learn how he revamped an entire apartment, flip through the slideshow below and watch the accompanying video.

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