06/10/2013 07:15 pm ET

'Dear Parking Enforcement' Turns Hatred Of Parking Tickets Into Hatred For Transplants (VIDEO)

We clicked on the "Dear Parking Enforcement" music video expecting a rousing chorus against "The Man" for oppressing all Angelenos with ridiculously expensive parking tickets. (Seriously: poor people are hit hardest by LA's parking ticket system, which Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa admitted was a money-maker for the city).

But instead of raising a fist against the Meter Maid, we started getting pretty annoyed by the people singing this song -- a group of struggling actors, singers and others who think the city exists to help them break into the entertainment industry. They're pretty much the best examples of a group of people LA Weekly called "The Six Types Of Transplants Ruining LA." From the LA Weekly:

Every day, hundreds (just to go with a nice round number) of hard-working, diverse, interesting people come to Los Angeles and feed our desperately sluggish economy, buying tacos and facial treatments and what have you.

But let's face it. We get a lot of the wrong kind of people moving to Los Angeles, too. We see them every day, clogging our bars, taking our parking spots and hitting on our women.

Taking our parking spots indeed. Sad to say it, but the best part of the video is when the singers give up on their dreams of stardom and head to LAX. More parking meters for us!



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