06/10/2013 07:46 am ET

'Falling Skies' Premiere: As Violence Escalates, The Resistance Has A Mole In Their Ranks (VIDEO)

The story jumped ahead on "Falling Skies," establishing the new aliens presented in last season's finale as unexpected allies in the war for survival. These latest aliens provided the human resistance with weapons that allowed them to slowly start turning the tide against their alien oppressors.

But there was one problem that wasn't solved in this action-packed two-hour premiere. There was apparently a mole in Charleston, feeding information to the enemy. Tom tasked Dr. Manchester (Terry O'Quinn) with tracking down the mole, and he apparently got too close for comfort in his investigations.

He tried to approach Tom with a list of suspects, but Tom was busy becoming a father. But the delay would prove fatal for Dr. Manchester. He was approached -- by someone he recognized -- and shot by someone wielding a weapon from their new alien allies. That narrowed it down to who had access to those weapons, but the identity remains a mystery.

IGN was disappointed to see O'Quinn's character killed off so soon. He was a late addition to the cast last season. TV Fanatic, meanwhile, was trying to suss out who the mole might be. "The aliens have recruited a human, Karen, as their Overlord, which complicates the situation. She has gained control over Hal through the eye worm," they wrote. "Could he be the mole?”

At least they were able to use their knowledge of having a worm in their midst to their advantage by setting up a feint attack on an installation that was making the alien's militarized walkers. Of course, no they've got a massive assault headed their way.

The action doesn't look like it's going to let up any time soon on "Falling Skies," Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TNT.

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