06/10/2013 11:28 am ET Updated Jun 10, 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio Invites Robert Pattinson To Sow Wild Oats With Him In Miami: Report (VIDEO)

Leonardo DiCaprio is spending a lot of time in Miami lately, reportedly taking a break off from acting to focus on environmental activism.

And there's one natural disaster that's attracted his attention most recently: Robert Pattinson's love life.

"The Great Gatbsy" actor reportedly advised the recently heartbroken "Twilight" star to come party away his woes in Miami.

DiCaprio told Pattinson, who recently broke up with Kristen Stewart for the second time, to "have a shave, put on some nice clothes, and rent a house near him in Miami for the summer," according to sources at The Sun.

It seems the elder movie star is an expert at sowing his oats in the Magic City, where's he's been spotted hanging with supermodels and Miss Universe contestants, swimming with topless women, catching a set by Skrillex, and oggling beachgoers from a hotel balcony.

The more demure Pattinson, however, has a different approach to his recent singlehood: He's hinted that he'll take a year off from women.



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