06/10/2013 11:03 am ET

Mariano Rivera Sees Christian Faith As Real Calling, New York Magazine Reports

Martin Schoeller for New York Magazine

The fever surrounding Mariano Rivera's retirement continues to rise as the New York Yankees closer takes a long last lap around the field of America's favorite past time.

However, as Lisa Miller reports in this week's New York magazine, Mariano Rivera will be continuing to save as he dedicates himself to his Christian faith by establishing a church in New Rochelle called Refugio de Esperanza, where his wife Clara is serving as pastor.

In the New York magazine article, Rivera's goes deep into speaking of the influence of his Christian Faith, including the following quotes:

On God’s blessings:
“Everything I have and everything I became is because of the strength of the Lord, and through him I have accomplished everything. Not because of my strength. Only by his love, his mercy, and his strength.”

On losing the 2001 World Series:
“I did my best. I did everything within my power. I did everything within my power to win that game for us. Guess what? Didn’t happen. And you think I’m going to start like a child, oh oh oh, I be crying? No, I did my best. My best wasn’t enough that day. I looked my boss into his eyes, and I said, ‘Boss, I did my best and my best wasn’t enough today.’ I can sleep comfortable and move forward.”

On his favorite part of the Bible, the Hebrew Bible’s King David:
“This was a man, yes, who made a lot of mistakes, but he always knew who his source was.” "The baby dies.” And King David? “Wakes up. Wash it off. Shave. Eat. Get ready. And move forward. Never look back. Never ask once again.”

On salvation coming only through Jesus:
“Someway, sometime, you’ve heard about Jesus. Even if you live in China, you would have heard. The Bible says we’re all going to be judged.”

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