06/10/2013 04:49 pm ET

Melissa McCarthy, Sandra Bullock Interview Reveals Their Best Friend Status


This could be one of our favorite celebrity friendships ever.

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, who co-star in upcoming comedy movie "The Heat," gave an interview for Parade magazine this month, excerpts of which are available online. The actresses did not know each other before filming began, but now, according to director Paul Feig, the two are "inseparable… Normally after movies, those friendships go away. Theirs blossomed.”

Bullock claimed that this project was particularly exciting for her because the film was about female partnership. "I’ve always wanted to do a female buddy film, the kind the guys get to do," Bullock said. "This didn’t have anything to do with getting a guy, and it didn’t involve shoe shopping… I’d seen 'Bridesmaids,' and I said, ‘If Melissa McCarthy wants to work with me…’"

McCarthy revealed in their joint interview that she'd admired Bullock's humor from afar. “Before I knew you -- don’t listen, I don’t want you to get cocky," she said to Bullock, "I was asked in an interview who I thought was funny, and I said you… I love to watch someone who just goes for it and isn’t worried about whether it’s silly or awkward or unflattering.”

Could these two be the next Tina and Amy? Hopefully more pictures of Bullock and McCarthy hanging out will emerge soon, Meryl and Hillz style, so we can pretend we're third-wheeling.

Click over to Parade to read more about "The Heat" and the stars' budding friendship.

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