06/10/2013 05:47 pm ET

Polar Desert Safari Offers A Unique Adventure

You've heard about African safari getaways that traverse jungles and survey wildlife. But did you know it's possible to get up-close and personal with a polar bear?

Polar desert safaris take travelers on icy expeditions throughout Arctic Canada -- and those looking to explore uncharted territory are in for a treat.

Companies like Arctic Kingdom and Adventure Life curate awe-inspiring itineraries for small groups of adventurous vacationers who don't mind the cold.

Safaris vary in length and content, so travelers can track caribou, see the Northern Lights, go on a whale-watching expedition or scuba dive among icebergs. Trips occur mainly during warmer months, though tours are offered as early as March and as late as November, making an excursion an ideal summer activity.

Classe Touriste experienced the arctic safari first hand, chronicling in both photos and words the pristine and perilous journey. The safari brought travelers to Sirmilik National Park, where temperatures drop below zero and travelers trade in swimsuits for parkas and hotel rooms for base camps.

But the icy environment and rustic digs are redeemed by the sights, including majestic polar bears, sleek whales and views from the top of thousand-year-old icebergs.

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Polar Desert Safari Offers A Unique Adventure