06/10/2013 06:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Raccoon And Squirrel's Friendship Inspires Redditors' Children's Book (PHOTOS)

On Sunday, Redditor Pianoangel420 submitted pictures of a raccoon and squirrel snuggling together.

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The photographs inspired another user, Crappy_Doodler, to imagine the pair as the heroes of a children's book.

"This is way too cute," Crappy_Doodler wrote. "I immediately imagined them going on adventures in a children's book. Had to draw it."

The result was a whimsical illustration, entitled "The Adventures of Simon and Oliver," which, in turn, led to Reddit's version of crowd-sourced storytelling.

Hours after Crappy_Doodler submitted the illustration, fellow Redditor Virgoan wrote, "Ok Reddit, let's write a book."

He added, "Up in the trees so high were two unlikely friends. Simon is a raccoon and Oliver is a squirrel. This is a tale about how they met and the great adventure they had together!"

Since then, about 200 comments have popped up, adding to, and changing Simon and Oliver's story.

The response was so large that Crappy_Doodler decided to try to make the book a reality, commenting, "I am excited to announce that I'm going to be creating the book with /u/StoryTellerBob!!!!"

Crappy_Doodler told The Huffington Post that user StoryTellerBob offered to write the story. Pending Kickstarter approval, the two will make what began as a cute photo into an adventure tale.

We can't wait to read it.



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