06/10/2013 02:36 pm ET Updated Jul 28, 2014

Rafael Nadal's Faces Narrate Historic Eighth Roland Garros Title Win (PHOTOS)

Rafael Nadal's Funniest Faces At The Roland Garros Final

Rafael Nadal knows how to celebrate his eighth Roland Garros title as if it was his first -- you can see it in his face.

This year’s victory against compatriot David Ferrer was nothing short of thrilling for the 27-year-old tennis star after having been sidelined for almost seven months due to an injury in his left knee.

"I never like to compare years, but it's true that this year means something very special for me," Nadal told the Associated Press about this twelfth Grand Slam title win on Sunday. "When you have a period of time like I had, you realize that you don't know if you will have the chance to be back here with this trophy another time."

On the court, Nadal briskly, tirelessly and skillfully runs back and forth returning his opponents’ best shots; but in the commotion of a match, it’s so often that fans miss the intense faces the Spaniard makes as he fights for the win.

If you missed the French Open final -- never fear -- HuffPost is here to give you a recap of Nadal’s eighth Roland Garros win as only his faces could narrate it.

Check out a slideshow of the champion’s best faces above and more pictures of the match below.



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