06/10/2013 07:25 pm ET

'Scandal': Who Should Play Olivia Pope's Mom?


We adore "Scandal," and we're not alone -- Vulture has given Shonda Rhimes' hit ABC drama not one but two huge honors: Most Improved Show and Most Delightfully Batshit Show of the Year.

Vulture caught up with star Guillermo Diaz to talk about going dark and being method to play hired gunman-turned-fixer Huck, and he admits he's with the fans being constantly surprised by the show's many crazy twists, turns and shocking reveals.

After the Season 2 finale's biggest cliffhanger reveal -- that (spoiler alert!) the head of B-613, the man we'd seen scheming against Olivia Pope all season long, is actually her father -- Diaz wonders who they'll cast to play her mother.

"Our show does a lot of flashbacks, so I'm excited to see if they do some flashbacks with Olivia and her B-613 dad, what their relationship was really like," Diaz said. "Imagine the mom. They haven't even touched on the mom yet! Maybe Angela Bassett could be the mom. That would be cool."

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