06/10/2013 02:34 pm ET

'Speed Sisters' Trailer, From Filmmaker Amber Fares, Tells The Story Of Female Palestinian Racecar Drivers

A group of Palestinian women have found an incredible way to assert their independence -- racecar driving.

"Speed Sisters," a documentary in production from SocDoc Studios, tells the story of the group of women who formed the first all-female motor racing team in the Middle East.

In a preview video first posted in June 2012, filmmaker Amber Fares calls the subject "probably the coolest topic in the world." She estimates that the film, her first feature-length production, will be released in early 2014.

As Michael Ballaban at Jalopnik notes, the women's personal stories and triumphs are the focus of this documentary -- and that's what makes the film so unique. "What really helps this film is unlike every other documentary about the Middle East, it seems to avoid dwelling too much on the conflict and instead focuses on the people and the fascinating lives they lead," he wrote.

According to the documentary's website, cars symbolize much more than a physical "thrill" for these racers: "Taking the wheel represents an insistence on the right to mobility, a taste of hope and independence, and the stubborn belief that a larger and wider future is possible in their lives as women and as Palestinians."

Now this is a movie we're really looking forward to seeing.



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