06/10/2013 09:33 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Kid From 'Stacy's Mom' Video: Where Is Shane Haboucha Now?

Fountains of Wayne

Happy anniversary, "Stacy's Mom"! It's been ten years Monday since Fountains of Wayne released their third album, "Welcome Interstate Managers," memorable mostly for that hit single and the video featuring a partially dressed Rachel Hunter as the mom — and a boy who takes a private moment in the bathroom, "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" style, to appreciate her.

Now 22, Shane Haboucha made guest appearances on "Judging Amy," "ER," "The O.C." and other television shows in the years following his music video debut.

Here he is on "Everwood" in 2004:
stacys mom

And playing a victim of electrocution torture on "Without a Trace" in 2005:

That's Haboucha lying on the operating table on "ER" in 2005:
stacys mom

And in the ABC television mini-series "Desperation" in 2006:
stacys mom

After that his acting career slowed, but he made a short film last year called "The Actor" in which "a man in the city comes to terms with the process of his own self-interpretation."

Meanwhile, Rachel Hunter, 43, has still got it goin' on:
rachel hunter

Watch the original video: