06/10/2013 10:43 am ET

What Being Editor In Chief of 'Playgirl' Taught Me About Female Desire


On the day of my job interview at Playgirl, the current editor in chief had flipped through an issue, giving cursory descriptions of the photos in a tone that fell somewhere between jaded and annoyed. "Naked guy fixing a car, naked guy with tan lines from his thong in some kind of a jungle setting, TV stars we think are hot -- freeze frame on Don Johnson's Johnson, nice! Black guy is the centerfold in some silky bedroom, guy on a leopard print couch, another guy on leopard print pillows -- he's uncircumcised -- and a threesome of two guys and a girl in a car wash."

I fixed a bored, nonchalant look on my face, which I hoped conveyed to her that I saw this kind of thing every day.

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