06/11/2013 01:13 pm ET

Bill Belichick On Tim Tebow: 'I Like Tim' (VIDEO)

Bill Belichick took on one of the biggest aspects of Tebowmania on Tuesday morning: the media.

The New England head coach took questions from reporters shortly after the Patriots announced the deal with Tebow, most of which had to do with his new backup quarterback. After three minutes and 25 seconds, Belichick felt that he had "already talked enough about him."

"Anything we do is what we feel is in the best interest of the team. Tim is a talented player that’s smart and works hard, so we’ll see how it goes," Belichick said about the decision to sign Tebow.

When asked about "all this fuss" that comes along with bringing in Tebow, Belichick didn't seem to think much of it and said the team has "been in front of bigger crowds than this before." He also elaborated, briefly, on how he feels about Tebow. Last week, he refuted a Yahoo! Sports report that he "hated" the former Heisman Trophy winner, telling that it is "completely untrue."

"I like Tim. I have a lot of respect for Tim," Belichick said.

Once he was asked about Tebowing, he thought he had covered everything Tebow-related.

Of course, that didn't stop the members of the media to continue to press on Tebow. But Belichick wouldn't budge.




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