06/11/2013 08:14 am ET Updated Jun 11, 2013

Johnny Depp And Other Celebrities Who Are Turning 50 This Year


This past Sunday on June 9, actor Johnny Depp made news for joining a pretty prolific group. While not as prestigious as being a three-time Oscar nominee or being director Tim Burton's BFF/muse, this group does come with a fancy membership card... courtesy of AARP.

We're of course talking about Johnny Depp celebrating his 50th birthday. For his part, Depp has a healthy sense of getting older:

"I have known plenty of people who, in their later years, had the energy of children and the kind of curiosity and fascination with things like little children. I think we can keep that, and I think it's important to keep that part of staying young. But I also think it's great fun growing old."

There's been a lot written about the eclectic star on his birthday -- with the "Today" show running a list of 50 cool things about Johnny Depp -- but most tend to focus on the fact that he's gasp actually 50 years old. But they shouldn't be surprised -- in fact Depp isn't the only vibrant and youthful celeb who is 50. Take a look at our slideshow to see 16 other celebrities who are 50 (or turning the big 5-0) this year.



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