06/11/2013 04:44 pm ET Updated Jun 12, 2013

Enzo Jimenez Dog-Throwing Incident Results In Red Card At Soccer Match (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

A minor league soccer player in Argentina committed a senseless, bush-league act in front of shocked fans.

Enzo Jose Jimenez, of the Bella Vista club, threw a dog into a fence during a match in Tucuman, a video shows. The dog's crime? Walking onto the field, sniffing the grass and lying down.

WARNING: Some viewers may find the footage disturbing.

The clip, posted on YouTube Monday, shows Jimenez grabbing the dog by the neck and attempting to hurl it over the partition. Instead, the dog slams into it.

Fans respond by hurling debris on to the field. Members of the opposing team confront the player as referees and coaches intervene.

Jimenez was ejected from the game with a red card. What's even more galling is that he seems to appeal his case to the ref. Fortunately, the dog appears uninjured and walks away.

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