06/11/2013 04:59 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Eric McCormack Thinks Will Truman Of 'Will & Grace' Would Be Married By Now


Eric McCormack recently chatted with Uinterview.com about his new role on TNT's "Perception".

During the interview, the actor compared his character on "Perception," Dr. Daniel Pierce, a paranoid schizophrenic neuroscientist, to his role as gay New York attorney Will Truman on "Will & Grace."

With marriage equality being a hot topic, McCormack voiced his opinion on whether or not he thought Truman would be married by now.

“He was virtually married in the series finale. I virtually got married to Taye Diggs on the show and I virtually married Bobby Cannavale on the show,” McCormack told Uinterview.

“Will was a reflection of our co-creator Max Mutchnick, who was a guy who wanted to find the right guy, and that’s what Max has done and that’s definitely what Will would be doing now [that gay marriage is legal in New York].”

Last year, Megan Mullally, McCormack's co-star, revealed that McCormack wasn't too enthused about tackling a gay role.

"Everybody originally passed -- all four of us originally passed on the roles," Mullally noted. "Eric McCormack had been playing a manly cowboy on a series in Canada and didn't want to play gay."

Read the full interview here.

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