06/11/2013 04:13 pm ET Updated Jun 11, 2013

Evanston Recycling Bin Marijuana: Cops Find 100 Pounds Of Pot Stashed In Alleyway Container (PHOTO)

"Going green" took on a whole new meaning when suburban Chicago police investigated "suspicious items" inside a recycling bin and found a massive stash of marijuana inside.

A resident from the 1000 block of Brown Avenue in Evanston called police over the weekend after noticing his recycling bin in the alley was not in the right place, according to CBS Chicago.

When the cops hit the scene, they discovered "nine bales of cannabis" that police say totaled roughly 100 pounds in weight.

Cmdr. Jay Parrott with the Evanston Police told the Sun-Times the street value of the pot is estimated to be around $100,000. “This is a substantial find, and it obviously puts a dent in an illegal marijuana sales operation,” Parrott said.

Based on the nature of the quick disposal of a such a large amount of marijuana, Parrott guessed it was the result of a drug deal going askew or the marijuana owner panicking over a potential bust. The size of the haul qualifies “something under the Super X” as far as Class X felonies at concerned; according to the Sun-Times, the quantity totaled 44,000 grams.

For now, police are keeping the stash hoping someone will come forward though Parrott told the Tribune, "I don't think anybody will come forward to claim it. We're still investigating."

Police are checking the bin for fingerprints and other possible clues; the bales will later be destroyed off-site.



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