06/11/2013 08:57 am ET

Father's Day Food Gifts Your Dad Will Actually Like (PHOTOS)

Etsy: LennyMud

Remember last week when we yelled at everyone to please not buy their father the same old, clichéd, grilling-oriented Father's Day gifts again this year? We realized that we couldn't just tell you what NOT to get your dads for Father's Day 2013, so we're here with a few constructive suggestions.

If your dad does not like to cook, make drinks, eat or drink, you probably won't find his gift here. If he does, prepare yourselves to be in hog heaven, with our twenty-five most favorite Father's Day food gifts of the year. Yes, there are still some grilling-oriented things, but today, we're paying special attention to all the other eating and drinking-related things dads love too. Whether your dad is a bartending hobbyist, a cheese-lover, a heat-seeker or anything in between, we hope we can help you think up a great idea for Father's Day this year.

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Father's Day Food Gifts 2013