06/11/2013 10:57 am ET

Two More Producers Leaving Katie Couric's Daytime Show

Two more producers are leaving Katie Couric's daytime show, according to The Hollywood Reporter on Monday.

Co-executive producers Kathy Samuels and Ethan Nelson are exiting, along with director Joe Terry. Samuels was one of the original co-executive producers, while Nelson was hired in February. Their departures marks the latest shakeup in a string of changes in the show's senior staff.

There has been a tremendous amount of instability at "Katie" in recent months. Rachel Miskowiec is joining the show as its new executive producer and will replace Michael Morrison, who is leaving amidst reports that he was being "marginalized." Meanwhile, Michael Bass, who was a co-executive producer along with Samuels, left in April to join Jeff Zucker at CNN.

Tuesday's news comes one day after sources told the Post that the changes have created a “very stressful” situation with “staffing weirdness” and “no one making decisions.”

Speaking at an event on Monday, Couric also denied rumors that she would leave her show to work with Zucker at CNN. When asked about the report, she said, "No, no, no. Honestly, slow news day?"

She continued, "I'm very busy doing my show and having a lot of fun doing it. The whole world is about gossip and rumors and speculation, but I'm very, very focused on doing the best show I can do every single day."



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