06/11/2013 08:24 am ET

'King & Maxwell' Premiere: Rebecca Romjin And Jon Tenney Are Great On A Mediocre Show (VIDEO)

Rebecca Romjin and Jon Tenney are clearly the heart and soul of TNT's newest crime series, "King & Maxwell." They play a pair of former federal agents who've become private investigators. And while the format appears to be very case-of-the-week -- even in the premiere -- the show is more about the chemistry between the two leads.

They also very quickly established a will they/won't they dynamic, with Sean telling Michelle, "That’s why we could never be married.” He was referring to how messy her boat was, but really it was telling the audience to look for the sexual tension between the pair to linger for as long as it possibly can.

Unfortunately, critics haven't been all that impressed with what they've seen. USA said that the show dips in the TNT "pool of mediocrity." Despite everything, though, even they had to admit the show had solid leads. "To its credit, 'King & Maxwell' [is] very well cast," they wrote. "Jon Tenney and Rebecca Romijn, are charm and old-fashioned TV skill personified.” Variety agreed with both points, calling the show mediocre, but the lead pair appealing.

Can two strong leads elevate a show that's only so-so? Perhaps we'll find out as "King & Maxwell" continues on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on TNT.

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