06/11/2013 11:37 am ET

Maria Caya, Wisconsin Teacher, Was Drunk During Fourth Grade Field Trip: Police Report

A Wisconsin teacher who told hospital staff she was drinking at 6 a.m. vomited and passed out during a field trip last week, an incident report states.

Maria Caya, 50, of Washington Elementary School in Janesville was supervising her fourth grade class on a visit to a bowling alley, WISC TV reports. At noon, her blood alcohol allegedly measured .27, more than three times the legal limit.

No criminal charges were filed as of Monday.

Caya had no role in driving the students to the event, the Associated Press notes. Her husband said there were other adults in charge of the students at the bowling alley, according to the incident report obtained by The Huffington Post.

The Janesville School District released a statement Monday published by the Journal Sentinel: "Student health or safety was not compromised, due to eight other district employees present on the field trip. After the employee became ill, her husband responded to the field trip location and he took responsibility for her."

Being substance-compromised is never a good idea when watching students. In April 2012 a teacher tripped on LSD during a high school field trip, but it wasn't his doing: A student had put drops of the psychedelic drug in his coffee, the educator said.