06/12/2013 02:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'A Beautiful History' Video Shows Hair, Makeup Through The Decades For Procter & Gamble

Remember beehives and perms? Braids and Fawcett waves? Hairnets and headscarves? Yep, America has seen plenty of beauty trends come and go in the past century. If not, no worries: StyleUnited by P&G Beauty has recreated these iconic looks in a cute mashup video for your viewing pleasure.

After watching the retrospective video below, the classic brand invites viewers to pick which looks they'd want to stand the test of time. Viewers can vote for the products they'd like to last on P&G's Facebook page, and the winning fan favorites will be locked away in a time capsule along with other ephemera from 2013. The capsule will be unveiled in 2038, much to the delight of our daughters, we'd like to imagine.

Voting begins Thursday, June 13, and remains open until June 27th. Which look would you like to recreate?


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