06/12/2013 12:22 pm ET Updated Aug 12, 2013

Back To My Roots: My Return To Relaxers


I did something terribly wrong during my transition from relaxed to natural hair. Perhaps I omitted a few steps, mixed incorrect ingredients or screwed up a technique because my lush layers morphed into tangled tumbleweed and I lost nearly half of my hair within four months.

I got the bright idea to go natural so I could run, practice yoga and take swimming lessons without scrambling to restyle my hair afterward. I grew obsessed with the wild, coiled, spiky look. Never mind I hadn't shampooed, rolled or flat ironed my own hair in over 12 years or I only had a mere two inches of new growth attached to inches of bone straightness. I could still achieve a full 'fro with the right product, Nikki Walton's "Better Than Good Hair" and step-by-step instructions on a few YouTube videos, right?