06/12/2013 12:22 pm ET

Colbert Demolishes PRISM & President Obama With A Live Chicken (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert brought out the big guns on last night's "Colbert Report," taking down the PRISM program, President Obama, Edward Snowden, and something called "PalTalk" all in one fell swoop.

And he's mostly mad at President Obama -- for carrying out President Bush's policies while having the audacity to not be President Bush. "George W. Bush is my hero. He is my role model. He is my designated driver," Colbert said, before storming off to his room on the set and slamming the door, screaming, "I hate you!"

He also mocked the Guardian, the news outlet that revealed Snowden's identity, for publicly asking whether they could win a Pulitzer for Glenn Greenwald's revelation, joking, "Could I win an Emmy for my report on the Guardian wondering whether they could win a Pulitzer?"

So what's the answer to all this? Avoiding the electronic communication at all costs. To prove his point, he demonstrated how to use animals as couriers with a live chicken.

Check out the clip above for Colbert's masterful takedown of the PRISM scandal.



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