06/12/2013 05:47 pm ET

Divorce Causes: Infidelity And Interfering In-Laws Cause U.K. Splits, According To Survey


A new survey suggests that meddling in-laws are to blame for one in 10 U.K. divorces.

The Co-operative Legal Services surveyed 2,000 married couples -- 800 of which had been divorced -- about the cause of marital tension in their relationships. Eleven percent of the divorcés surveyed blamed "interfering in-laws" for their divorces.

However, the divorce cause cited most often was infidelity, with 33 percent of respondents claiming that cheating led to their splits. An additional 22 percent of respondents said that "selfishness" caused the marriage breakdown.

It's no surprise that infidelity topped the list. A survey by the National Fatherhood Initiative found that cheating caused 55 percent of splits, and in a 2011 survey of eHarmony.com members, infidelity was found to be among the most common relationship dealbreakers.

Yet, infidelity persists. To find out who is doing the cheating -- and why -- check out the slideshow below.

Cheating Survey Trivia

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