06/12/2013 04:41 am ET Updated Jun 12, 2013

'Don't Be Tardy...': Kim Zolciak's Teen Daughter Tells Her She Feels Neglected (VIDEO)

Kim Zolciak got a huge wake-up call from her older kids on "Don't Be Tardy..." this week. Her 16-year-old daughter Brielle told her that she and her sister, Ariana, felt like their mom was neglecting them. Everything changed when Kim got married and had young sons KJ and Kash.

"We don’t do anything. We don’t talk to you anymore," Brielle said.

Wetpaint called it another "tearjerker" episode of what is usually a light-hearted series. Kim was certainly tearing up at hearing the raw honesty from her daughter, and she responded with honesty as well. "I 100 percent agree with you that I’ve made some mistakes since I’ve had these boys," Kim admitted. "I’m having a hard time juggling. You know? I am.”

“Well so am I, mom. It’s not easy," Brielle said. And it's probably not going to get any easier for the family. The former "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star is reportedly pregnant with her fifth child.

Kim did say she would try harder to make time for Brielle and Ariana moving forward, and gave her daughters a shout-out via Twitter during the show. She wrote, "My girls are amazing!! We have been through a lot of changes and these last few years and adjusting isnt always easy!!"

The adjustments continue week by week on "Don't Be Tardy..." on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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