06/12/2013 08:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Grandma Was Miss Miami? Reddit Photos Shows Late Loved One's Glamorous Past

Photos shared on Reddit earlier this week showed a different side to one woman's grandmother.

"A week ago my Grandmother passed away," Reddit user beckyruxpin wrote on the site. "She loved these pics from her younger days."

We can see why -- the vintage photos capture the former Miss Miami living it up during the city's most glamorous era at the star-studded Delano Cabana Club. (The Delano Beach Club and Hotel is still a hot spot in South Beach.) Her grandmother hobnobbed with beach beauties as well as big comedy stars from the era: Buddy Hackett, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

Beckyruxpin wrote more to explain the story behind her grandmother's Miss Miami heyday photos:

"I came to find out about these photos from an Aunt a couple years back. I had known my grandmother modeled but never to what extent. She always appeared to me as being well... kinda old. These pictures provided an intriguing glimpse into her youth. She would absolutely light up when describing those times. After her stint with modeling she led a pretty ordinary and domestic life. This portion had long been shelved. Now it gets to live again. Even if just briefly."

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