06/13/2013 08:45 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

John Oliver Slams Media's Edward Snowden Coverage: They've Gone 'Us Weekly On The Messenger' (VIDEO)

The way John Oliver sees it, Edward Snowden blowing the lid off of the NSA surveillance scandal presents the media with a specific problem: "Do they prioritize the legal and ethical implications of an unprecedented government surveillance program, or do they go 'Us Weekly' on the messenger?"

Two guesses as to which one they chose. On Wednesday's "Daily Show" Oliver slammed the media for focusing on things like where Snowden went to middle school and his girlfriend's pole dancing, and he took particular umbrage with Joe Scarborough's frat house name-calling.

Watch the clip above, and as a bonus, check out Samantha Bee explaining to Oliver the difference between a "whistleblower" and a "snitch" below.