06/13/2013 02:22 pm ET

Katee Sackhoff On Gun Control: 'Battlestar Galactica' Actress Ignites Firestorm On Twitter


Joining the cadre of stars who've taken public stances on the ongoing debate surrounding gun control, former "Battlestar Galactica" actress Katee Sackhoff ignited a tit-for-tat discussion on Twitter after remarking on a recent fatality.

Discussing a 4-year-old's recent shooting of his father, Sackhoff claimed to have "lost half [her] followers" after tweeting the following:

To which one user responded: Keeping a level head, Sackhoff wrote back:

What followed found numerous tweeters chiming in to share their two cents on the matter, including many who praised Katee Sackhoff for speaking out. The actress elaborated on her viewpoints, saying:

There are many safe homes with guns & kids in them. I've grown up around them for hunting & NEVER handled one without an adult. It's about safety, education, and loving & listening to our children. There are so many reasons why guns are scary but there are so many reasons they are part of our world & lives. There is no easy answer here that will satisfy everyone.

The actress ended the conversation by saying:

Sackhoff, who currently stars on A&E's "Longmire," seems to have emerged mostly unscathed. She may have lost an ample number of followers, but she's also gained a significant amount thanks to gun-control supporters who've taken note of her perspective. As of Monday, when the incident occurred, Sackhoff had 98,000 followers -- a number that's since grown to more than 134,000.



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