06/13/2013 07:47 pm ET Updated Jun 14, 2013

Kevin Rahm On 'Friends': See 'Mad Men' Star In 2001 Episode As Phoebe's Love Interest (VIDEO)

Before he was beefing with Don Draper, making out with Peggy Olson and perpetually wearing turtlenecks as Ted Chaough on "Mad Men," Kevin Rahm was all over the small screen including stints on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," "Beverly Hills, 90210," "Ally McBeal," "Grey's Anatomy," "Judging Amy," "CSI," "Scrubs" and "Desperate Housewives."

Reddit user feathersandanchors noted that Rahm was also on "Friends" in a Season 8 episode titled "The One With Rachel's Date." He played Tim, Monica's (Courteney Cox) sous chef, and Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) took a liking to him, noting that she wanted something she "didn't see on the menu" before asking Tim out. What she didn't realize was that he had an extremely sappy side.

Above, check out the clip of Rahm on "Friends" -- with a beeper, but sadly sans turtleneck.

In a recent interview with AP, Rahm was asked what fans usually want to talk to him about. "I had someone yesterday stop me from (my role on) 'Friends.' So I think it depends on whatever their milieu is, but more and more 'Mad Men.' ... They all want to know what is going to happen (with Peggy and Ted), if something is going to happen and if it does – when," he said.

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