06/13/2013 03:24 pm ET Updated Jun 14, 2013

Noah Kilpatrick, 15, Leaves School After Allegedly Being Bullied By Teachers Over Canadian Heritage

Teachers at this upstate New York private school appear to have some unresolved issues with the United States’ friendly neighbor to the north.

Fifteen-year-old Noah Kilpatrick is finishing the semester at home after enduring relentless bullying about his Canadian heritage, WWNY reports. Surprisingly, it was not the students at Faith Fellowship Christian School in Watertown, N.Y., who took issue with his Ottawa roots, but the school’s principal and a math teacher, he says.

Kilpatrick said that despite his American citizenship, the teachers would taunt him for being born in Canada in front of other classmates. He noted incidents in which the school’s principal –- who doubled as his history teacher –- described Canada as a country full of communists and seal-clubbers, according to the National Post.

“History class and sometimes math class … they were stereotyping Canadians and saying we were all stupid -- it was offensive,” he told the outlet.

Kilpatrick, who began documenting the taunting in a notebook, spoke of another incident where the principal insulted him for wearing Canadian colors.

"He would make fun of the way I dressed and he'd say, 'Oh, you're wearing Canadian colors,' and I'd be like, 'Yeah, I am. Thanks, Mr. Curinga.' He'd say, 'That wasn't a compliment," he told WWNY.

The school did not immediately respond to requests for comment from The Huffington Post.

Unfortunately, recent incidents shine light on the fact that sometimes teachers can be worse than students when it comes to bullying. Several weeks ago, a school security guard was caught on tape pushing a female student down a flight of stairs.

Visit WWNY or the National Post for more details on Kilpatrick's story.



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